4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Jordanelle Vacation

Jet Ski RentalJordanelle Reservoir and the greater Jordanelle State Park area has so much to offer visitors. From water skiing to wildlife viewing, this Utah outdoor recreation area makes the perfect vacation spot. To plan your next trip to Jordanelle, consider these four tips from our crew right here at Jordanelle Rentals & Marina.

1. Make reservations early.

During the busy vacation season, you don’t want to take the risk of just showing up at Jordanelle only to find out their campground is booked solid. Do yourself a favor, and make your reservations (for campsites, jet ski rentals, and other activities) in advance. That way, you can rest easy knowing all your big decisions are out of the way, and you can start looking forward to a great time in Utah.

2. Look local.

Outside Jordanelle State Park, you can find some great local restaurants and attractions for time spent off the reservoir. We recommend the Utah Olympic Village as a point of interest. There’s much to do and explore for adults and kids alike.

3. Search for deals.

You can make your vacation budget go further if you take some time to look for deals before you make a reservation. Check out travel sites or group deals online to see if you qualify for any local offers. You never know what deals you might find.

4. Try something new.

Jordanelle, Utah is all about the lake life. If you’ve never been to the area or if you’ve only been boating, we challenge you to try something new this time around. Rent a jet ski, and zip around the reservoir, or try out a stand-up paddle board. We promise you’ll make memories and have stories to tell about your water-sport experiences.

To find out more about water-sport rentals or to make a reservation, contact Jordanelle Rentals today at (435) 615-7397, or book online.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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