3 Ways to Have Fun at Jordanelle Reservoir

We’re getting giddy over here at Jordanelle Rentals & Marina with the thought of warmer weather on the way! Summer in Utah is fantastic, and we can’t wait to help you make the most of it. In case you plan to spend some time out on the Jordanelle Reservoir (and we think you should), check out these watersport options that promise a full day of fun.

Kayaking at Jordanelle Reservoir

1. Kayaking

Gliding through the water in a kayak rental is great for both the mind and the body. It’s a great way to cruise the coast and check out the sites while also getting a great workout along the way. At Jordanelle Rentals, you can choose from both one- and two-person kayaks.

2. Jet Skiing

Are you a fan of speed? Then you definitely need to try a waverunner rental. You can zip from one end of the reservoir to the other in record time, enjoying the sun on your back and the wind in your face. Plus, a jet ski fits up to three people, so you can enjoy this watersport along with friends or family members.

3. Pontoon Boating

For a relaxing day out on the water, a pontoon boat may be just your speed. These boat rentals are built for slowing things down. You can enjoy lunch on the water, lay out in the sun, sightsee, and even throw a fishing line over the side. Pontoon boats are great for larger groups; most boats accommodate between 10 and 15 passengers.

The warmer it gets, the more people flock to Jordanelle Rentals for reservoir fun. We recommend that you book rentals early so you don’t miss out. Contact Jordanelle Rentals today at (435) 615-7397 to make your reservation.


photo credit: Life is an adventure via photopin (license)

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