3 Boat Maintenance Tips for the Winter Fishing Season

As wintertime arrives, most fishermen typically trade their fishing boat for an ice shanty. For those who don’t want to give up their leisure fishing time in the Park City area, the experts at Jordanelle Rentals & Marina are here to offer some winter maintenance tips. It’s possible to protect your boat from those freezing temperatures while still enjoying your favorite outdoor pastime.

3 Boat Maintenance Tips for the Winter Fishing Season

1. Change the Oil

Over time, water can creep in and mix with the oil in the boat’s engine. Changing the oil will protect the engine from corroding or cracking, as well as prevent pricey repairs. If you’re not up to the task, our certified boat service mechanics will be happy to change the oil, as well as provide any other routine maintenance your boat may need.

2. Flush the Engine

It’s essential to completely flush the engine before you take that boat onto an icy cold lake with subzero temperatures. If you skip this important step, you could cause extensive, unknown damage, potentially leaving you stranded in freezing cold waters. It also helps prevent any engine build-up, which keeps your engine performing smoothly.

3. Use a Charger

When your boat is being used sparingly throughout the winter months, it’s possible for the battery to lose power. It may not be enough to simply disconnect the battery when not running the engine. Installing a battery charger, specifically one with a maintenance charger, will ensure the battery is charged and ready to go whenever you wish to take it for a ride. These types of chargers are also known as trickle chargers or smart chargers, and give your battery the energy it needs without overcharging or corrupting it.

Protect Your Boat This Winter

We’d love to help you keep that investment of yours running smoothly at any time of the year. Contact our full-service marina at (435) 615-7397 to schedule an appointment today. We also service and repair pontoon boats, ski boats, and jet skis.

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