3 Beginner Tips for Those New to Kayaking

Are you new to the sport of kayaking? It may seem a bit intimidating but, armed with some basic tips and tricks, you’ll be a kayak expert in no time. At Jordanelle Rentals & Marina, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the three beginner tips below. Feel free to do some extra research as well. You can never be too informed when it comes to safety on the water.

3 Beginner Tips for Those New to Kayaking

1. Launch from Shore

Launching a kayak from shore is by far the easiest way to get in and out of a kayak. If you’re with a group and need assistance, it’s much easier for them to help you while still on land than in the middle of a lake. Keep the kayak as close to the shoreline as possible. Simply step in, sit down, and then use your arms to push yourself out into deeper water. After that, you can let the paddles do the rest of the work!

2. Know the Strokes

If you’re brand new to kayaking, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before braving the water. Knowing the basic strokes is helpful so you can move the kayak in all different directions – forward, backward, sideways, and turning it completely around. Do a simple web search for basic kayaking paddling strokes. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these four:

  • Forward strokes for forwarding motion.
  • Reverse strokes for backward motion.
  • Sweep strokes to turn the kayak around.
  • Draw strokes to move the kayak sideways.

3. Paddle with the Wind

It can be quite windy on the Jordanelle Reservoir so be sure to prepare yourself for the extra resistance. To make it easy on yourself, paddle with the wind and not into it, if at all possible. Allow the wind to do most of the work so you can rest your muscles and save your energy for when there’s no wind to help you along.

Reserve a Kayak Rental Today

Kayaking is great exercise and a fun way to spend time with others. At Jordanelle, we rent single-person kayaks or tandem kayaks, big enough for two. Contact us to reserve your kayak rental today by calling (435) 615-7397. We also offer stand up paddleboard rentals, jet ski rentals, and a variety of boat rentals in Midway and the surrounding areas.

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