Why Should I Winterize My Boat?

Winterizing your boat is a necessity if you want to keep your investment in tip-top shape. It takes work and can cost extra money, but it’s definitely less expensive than paying for major repairs in the springtime. The professionals at Jordanelle Rentals and Marina know the importance of properly preparing your boat for those warm summer temperatures. Avoid problems that can arise during the winter months by focusing on the four winterizing tasks below.

Winterize Your Boat

1. Protect Your Engine

Protecting your engine is the first step toward winterizing your boat. Whether you have an inboard or outboard engine, there are specific tasks that can minimize damage from the cold weather.

For inboard engines:

  • Change the oil and filter to prepare for spring boating.
  • Flush the engine with antifreeze to prevent damage.

For outboard engines:

  • Add fuel stabilizer to keep the gas usable during the winter months.
  • Fully grease the propeller shaft and threads.
  • Change the oil to prepare for spring boating.

2. Repair Vinyl Interiors

When left unrepaired, tears or rips in the vinyl interior can worsen during the dry, cold weather of winter. After fixing any holes or blemishes, thoroughly clean and treat the vinyl. This will keep the interior of your boat well-maintained and ready for use in the spring.

3. Treat Remaining Fuel

It’s your choice whether you leave fuel in your tanks through the cold months. If you choose to do so, be sure to treat the remaining fuel with a fuel stabilizer. Fuel can go bad quite easily in cold weather and this specific treatment will minimize the impact of cold winter conditions.

4. Provide Basic Maintenance

Winterizing your boat is more than simply properly preparing your boat for winter storage. This is also a great time to administer some basic maintenance while your boat is not being used. Proper boat maintenance includes the following:

  • Check the spark plugs and transmission fluids.
  • Change the oil and filter.
  • Flush the engine.
  • Check and replace the propeller and blower.
  • Check and replace spark plugs.

If you’re looking for assistance winterizing your boat, look no further than Jordanelle Rentals and Marina. Contact our friendly team by calling (435) 615-7397 today. We gladly serve Salt Lake City and all cities near the Jordanelle Reservoir.


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