Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage with These 5 Tips

It’s that time of year to, once again, get your boat ready for winter storage. Proper winterization can extend the life of your boat and keep it well-maintained during the off-season. At Jordanelle Rentals & Marina, we recommend following these five tips so your boat is ready and waiting for you when it’s time to get it out on the water in the spring.

Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage With These 5 Tips

1. Remove & Store the Battery

Removing the battery will keep it from losing its charge. If left plugged in, it could lose its charge, resulting in a boat with a dead battery. A fully charged battery that is stored separately can last up to 12 months.

2. Perform Boat Maintenance

Next, you’ll want to prepare the engine and fuel tank for storage. Remove the water from the engine with a hose and then use compressed air to get rid of any remaining water. You’ll also want to prevent the engine from freezing by adding anti-freeze to the system. Be sure to run the engine for a few minutes after adding it so it can run through the entire engine.  

3. Fill the Gas Tank

This may seem like a pointless task but an empty gas tank can lead to condensation build-up, which can lead to corrosion. Be sure to fill the gas tank so this doesn’t happen. It’s also a good idea to add a gasoline stabilizer which can keep the gas from going bad while in storage.

4. Clean the Boat

Now that the engine, battery, and gas tank are prepared, you’ll need to clean the boat both inside and out. Empty the boat of all items before you begin cleaning. You can use a simple mixture of hot soapy water to clean both the interior and exterior of the boat.

5. Cover the Boat

All that’s left is to cover your boat so it’s protected from indoor or outdoor elements. You can opt for a large, yet affordable, tarp or you can have it covered professionally. Without some type of protection, the boat is vulnerable to dust, debris, or accidental damage. 

Store Your Boat at Jordanelle

Jordanelle can keep your boat secure and dry during the cold winter weather at our full-service marina. Contact us at (435) 615-7397 to learn more. We also provide boat service and repair, boat mooring, and watercraft rentals such as kayaks, pontoon boats, and fishing boats in the Salt Lake City area.

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