Emergency Boat Repair at Jordanelle State Park

Visitors from all over the Utah area come to Jordanelle State Park for its aquatic outdoor recreational opportunities. What’s better than a summer day out on the lake, jet skiing or boating until the sun goes down? Not much. However, that day can quickly be ruined if your boat begins to have issues or stops running completely. If you’re in Jordanelle or the Salt Lake City area and need boat repair, look no further than Jordanelle Rentals & Marina.

Offering full-service boat repair and maintenance, Jordanelle Rentals & Marina is located right in Jordanelle State Park, just north of Heber City. Our professional boat mechanics can take a look at your boat and help diagnose what’s happening. The Jordenelle Rentals & Marina mechanics know how important it is to get back out on the water, so we do our best to make that happen in a fast and efficient manner.

With the exception of engine or transmission replacement, our boat repair technicians can perform any repairs and services, including some of the following:

  • Oil changes
  • Prop & blower replacement
  • Engine flushes
  • Tune ups
  • Spark plug replacement

Don’t let your day at the lake be ruined by unexpected boat issues. Jordanelle Rentals & Marina is ready to help you. And while you wait for your boat to be assessed or repairs to be completed, consider renting a jet ski or get a paddle board rental so you don’t miss any fun out on the water. Your summer day can be saved by Jordanelle Rentals & Marina! Call the Jordanelle Rentals & Marina staff at 435-615-7397 to get your boat back in great shape and to make the most of your day at the Jordanelle Reservoir.

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